Steps To Troubleshoot Error Code A2 On A Bosch Instantaneous Water Heater

I hope this guide will help you if you notice Bosch A2 instantaneous water heater error codes.


  • Step 1: Download and install the software
  • Step 2: Open it and click on the "Restore" button
  • Step 3: Select the backup you want to restore from and follow the instructions
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    Bosch error code A2 indicates an error in limiting the exhaust energy resource. Make sure there is no accidental flue gas leakage around the upper heat exchanger seals. Make sure the connections between the throttle body stop and all electrical harnesses are secure. Unplug the device from the power source frequently to check the condition of the wiring.

    What does EC mean on Bosch tankless water heater?

    Explanation of the CE error code: Loss of burner flame when hot water is supplied. Bulletin: TWH-G2-30Model: 250SX, 250SXO, 635ES, 635ESO, 2400E, 2400EOA2 Troubleshooting Error CodesFor serial numbers up to FD 689:Introduction:•Error A2 indicates a real problem with White Merge overheating.A cutout covering the high temperature heat exchanger.•The fuse is a protective cable box that will blow if you find it.High strength outdoor unit heat exchanger chamberTemperatures (approximately 355°F or one hundred and eighty°C) due to depleted leakage.•a malfunction may indicate an exhaust gas leakChamber or may just report a bad reason for a security shutdown problem.Overheat protection fuse•The heat protection mixture is a thick white transfer film (similar tofuse) that closes the heat exchanger.•When the backup is completed, the heater detectsbackup indicating that the backup will be inrow•if the fuse inside is defective (or blown due to high voltage).temperature), there can be no continuity and error code A2generated.C. Inspect certain gaskets for burnt or loose areas.D. Inspect the heat exchanger window for possibleCracks in or around a window break the seal of the window.4. Make sure the plug is between the overheat protection fuse.(red wires) and the control unit are usually permanently connected (Fig. 1).5. Disconnect the larger part of the connector and check the resistance value on the connector.White overtemperature fuse (red contacts, see fig. 1):A. A good stiffener should be approximately... 1.B. A bad fuse is displayed as if the line was open (discontinuity).6. If devices 1 to 4 are OK but the fuse is badSo open the line, the A2 error could have been pressed or caused by itselfBackup failed.7. In case of backup failure (termination) it must be replacedRetrofitting with a limiterexhaust gases (box with parts 8 700 400 032). SmokeThe limiter looks very specific, the overheat protection fuse is somehow usedthe same goal.8. See bulletin for twh-g2-29 Chimney Retrofits for gas restrictor cost information.9. Do not confuse overheating protection and smoke restrictor.connected to the overheating sensor (ECO) through the upper right cornerHeat exchanger. (Of course, ECO has a different function andresults in various code errors - E9 -.)Multimeter tools•Philips requires:•Move ohmmeter / screwdriverFigure 1overheat protectionprocedure1. Press the reset button to enable heater control.try to reset the error code. If the exact error code is notTo reset or continue creation, follow these steps.Troubleshooting steps.2. Make sure the heater is being used as intended.Specifications are normal.A. Vent must be single wall, AL29-4C.Stainless steel over 26 feet in length.B. Discharge tubing should not exceed 30 feet.3. Inspect heat transfernickname for exhaust leaks:A. Perform a visual inspection of the heat exchanger in PowerPoint and look for signs of this.Cracks or signs of wear.B. Visually inspect the connections at the top and bottom connections.Heat exchanger for good seams.Redred threadsblack wires| | twh-g2-30 250SX, 250SXO, 635ES, 635ESO, 2400E, 2400EOservice bulletinFor serial numbers FD 690 and higher:figure 2Introduction:•Error A2 indicates a problem detected by the electric and gas smoke in the upper right position of the heater.•The smoke limiter is a safety device that is definitely meant to be triggered.when the room environment experiences a high heat exchanger levelTemperatures (around 230 ° F or 104 ° C) to help with exhaust leaks.•Smoke error A2 means possible limiterLeakage in the exhaust pipe of the combustion chamber.Smoke limiter•The exhaust gas limiter is triggered (interrupted) whenThe temperature in the upper chamber is over two hundred degrees Fahrenheit.•The limiter is reset (closes the circuit b) when calms down,but the error will still be what helps to reset manually by resetButton on the control siliconsleeveRequired tools:•Ohmmeter / multimeter•Phillips screwdriverprocedure1. Press the reset button on the heater control panel.Try resetting the error code now. If the error code doesn't matterreset or keep happening, try the followingTroubleshooting steps.2. Make sure most of the heater is installed to be sure you are doing this.Specifications in the instructions for.A. Exhaust Some types of exhaust must be sealed at one outlet, AL29-4C.Stainless steel cannot exceed 30 feet.B. The air intake hose is 26 feet or less.white threadblack wires3. Inspect the heat exchanger for most signs of exhaust leaks:A. Perform a cosmetic inspection of the heat exchanger and locate it.for signs of cracks or debris.B. Inspect the top and bottom seals.Heat exchanger to make sure the seals are in place.C. Inspect each gasket individually for burnt or melted areas.D. Check the heat exchanger window for possibleCracks in the van window or around a broken seal.4. Make sure the connector is in the middle of the flue gas restrictor.(white wires) as well as control (black wires from the device) is really tightconnected (see fig. 2).5. Propane exhaust limiter should not be confused with overheating.Sensor (ECO) in the upper right corner of the heat exchanger.(ECO has a very individual function and requiresdifferent - E9 - error code.)Bosch Thermotechnic AG50 Wentworth AvenueLondonderry, New Hampshire 1-866-642-3198Fax: 03053Telephone. : 1-603-584-1681www.boschpro.topic.comData subject to change without notice | Printed in USA | BTC 711002310 A | 01.2010Bosch Thermotechnic AG

    How do you reset a Bosch tankless water heater?

    Disconnect all power, remove the cover of the specific water heater and reset the overheating protection. Click the buttonreset software in the middle of the punch. Plug in the power.

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    How long does a Bosch tankless water heater last?

    Tankless water heaters are designed to stay flat and rust-free, which means they should last longer than when stored. The service life of Bosch instantaneous water heaters is 20 years.

    What does P1 mean on my tankless water heater?

    The P1 error code indicates that the sea is too shallow. Check and clean the water inlet on the Tankless. Increase the flow rate or raise the temperature frequently. While the above issues may not be a problem, there may still be a problem with the water flow sensor.

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