How To Fix Battlefield 3 Campaign Has Stopped Working

In recent days, some users have reported that the Battlefield 3 campaign has stopped working.


  • Step 1: Download and install the software
  • Step 2: Open it and click on the "Restore" button
  • Step 3: Select the backup you want to restore from and follow the instructions
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    campaign battlefield 3 has stopped working

    How do I fix Battlefield 3?

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    Why Isn’t Battlefield 3 Working?

    If your in-game songs are corrupted, Battlefield 3 may get corrupted while playing or it may not launch at all while playingto be. … You can also try repairing your current game by doing the following: Right click on the Origin client > Battlefield 3 or later > click Repair and Origin will probably download and reinstall the game with new fixes and updates

    What Causes The “Waiting For Game To End” Error When Playing Battlefield 3 On Windows?

    The possible consequences of this problem are unclear, and it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what caused the problem. However, we have managed to come up with a short list of possible causes, and we strongly encourage you to revisit this idea. Finding the right thing to fix yourself starts with finding the right reason!


    Battlefield 3 offers a variety of gunfights in single player, co-op and multiplayer modes. It reintroduces several atmospherics not found in Bad Company online, including fighter jets, a recumbent ladder, and the PC Battles 64 player. To accommodate a reduced number of players through consoles, the floor space for Xbox 360 and PS3 is nominal, the airfield of choice remains the same.

    campaign battlefield 3 has stopped working

    Battlefield 3

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    Can you play Battlefield 3 campaign offline?

    I am not a gamer. I bought BF3 (PC) to play offline – soon I’ll choose Afghanistan and won’t be online anymore. Download BF3 from Origin. The desktop icon redirects me to a web page. I checked the service files, the game files are definitely not there. I just want to be sure how to play the game one by one without internet connection. I deserve any help!

    Singleplayer< /h2>The gameplay of the single player campaign is very different from the multiplayer component, many Quick Time Events (QTEs) are no doubt scattered throughout the levels. DICE listed the levels as a mixture of sandbox and linear, although many testers later said they were more linear.

    Is Battlefield 3 shutting down?

    An EA spokesperson responded that the official EA and DICE servers for the console versions of Battlefield 3 would be taken offline, but also replaced with private servers, stating to Polygon, “DICE is not shutting down the Wads servers.”

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