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    The Mega Variant is the top of the four variants of a particular codec package. Has everything you need to play all your audio and video files. In addition, this article also contains ACM / VFW codecs that can useCall any application you use for encoding / editing images.

    How do I install a codec pack?

    Choose an ordering method.Installation options.Choose your place of residence.Choose your ingredients.Establish strategies.Specify additional parameters for the task.Adjust acceleration settings to enhance your home.Setting up Media Player Classic HC.

    See the content and changelog pages for more information on this codec pack option.

    Detailed differences between the four codec pack options may appear when comparing additional features. to compare content pages. Other useful smaller options are Standard, Basic, and Full.

    Version 16.5.3 Mega ~ 58.8 MB ~ November 5, 2021

    Changelog: MPC-HC

    • updated to version
    • < li> MPC Video Renderer updated to version


    File name: K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1653_Mega.exe
    Size: 60247 KB
    MD5: 7e524814d9439cc5bff0869a3707564b
    SHA256: 81e9fb1009abb7eb532b0543ad654bfba5fd5c64132eb14f614c4d3e83a2717f

    The above authentic files are always the same size. Do not post downloaded files thinking otherwise.

    Is K-Lite Mega Codec Pack free?

    The K-Lite Codec Pack has always been a free set of essential components for playing audio and video through DirectShow players such as Windows Media Player, Media Center, and Media Player Classic.

    If your Microsoft Edge browser is blocking downloads, click here to find out why this might be happening with new software and how to unblock it.

    The latest version compatible with Windows XP SP3 isSee version 13.8.5, which can be purchased HERE.

    download k lite mega codec pack full

    Links to download old K-Lite Codec Pack forms can be found HERE.

    Playing HDR Videos

    To enjoy playing these videos, you must use the supplied MPC-HC player and MPC or Madvr video renderer and select a video renderer. These YouTube video renderers can automatically send HDR metadata to your TV if it’s HDR compatible. Otherwise, they will get the colors of the SDR video so you can watch it on a specific regular monitor / TV.

    Note. Currently only HDR10 layout is supported. Not Dolby Vision.

    3D Video

    Does Windows 10 need k-lite codec?

    The K-Lite Codec Pack (which is truly compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, Actions, 7, Vista and XP) is your popular Codec Pack for good reason.

    Codec Pack contains a plug-in for decoding 3D H.264 MVC video. To properly watch such videos, you need to use the supplied MPC-HC-Battler (64-bit version) and select madvr as your main video renderer. 3D video output for support on your monitor / TV requires Windows 8.x / 10 (or Windows 7 with a modern GPU) nvidia.

    Note. Play SBS from (side by side),but above / The 3D video below does not meet the above requirements. Such videos are usually encoded as 2D video. Your TV should be able to switch to this 3D.

    How do I download and install a K-Lite Codec Pack?

    Click here to download the K-Lite Codec Pack.Run the downloaded file by running the installation.Leave all the options as default and keep clicking Next.When owners are on the page below, make sure all media players are checked and click Next.

    NVIDIA requires driver brand 418.xx or earlier. 3D support may have been removed in newer versions.


    MPC-HC is suitable for playing Blu-ray discs. There are usually only two limitations:
    It 1) supports Blu-ray menu. This is automatically the longest track on the CD. Other names are available through the player-specific “Browse” menu.
    2) The disk must be decrypted using an external tool. For AnyDVD like HD or Passkey Lite.

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    The K-Lite Codec Pack is a free set of components required to play audio and video in DirectShow players such as Windows Media Player, Media Center, Media, and Player Classic. Standard, Basic, Full, Mega, and also the latest update.

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is an easy-to-use solution to play all your celebrity files.

    It contains everything you need to play all popular YouTube audio and video formats. It also offers a little more features like this, creating thumbnails using Explorer.


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    The K-Lite Codec Pack Basic contains many of the elements needed to play almost all popular video file formats. AVI files like MKV, MP4, OGM and FLV. This package is for those who like small, convenient packaging. It is small but powerful.
    K-Lite Codec Pack Standard contains even more advanced features compared to the basic version. It includes a media player which is classic, is also an excellent video facts player. This package is recommended for the general user.
    K-Lite Codec Pack Full gives you some additional options over the Paradigm variant. There is also GraphStudioNext and you can plug in an optional DirectShow filter. The K-Lite Codec Pack Mega is a complete package. It also includes VFW / ACM for encoding / editing video with codecs.

    Detailed tables comparing the features and themes of the various options in my package, see codec comparing features and checking content pages.

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    download k lite mega codec pack full

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