How To Fix Searchfilterhost.exe

Sometimes your system may generate an error indicating searchfilterhost.exe error. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons.


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    SearchFilterHost.exe is a Windows search process. It is involved in indexing, caching, etc.


    What is the Microsoft Windows Search Filter Host? Also, is it safe to fix the high CPU usage of the Microsoft Windows Search Filter host? In this article, MiniTool Partition Wizard suggestsyou 3 ways to solve the problem.

    Tip. In some versions, you may not find the search button here in the settings. If so, you can find Update & Security> Troubleshoot> Scroll down to find Search While Indexing. Run this hotfix and select the “Look for computer controlled indexing or slowdown” checkbox to continue.

    This article explains about Windows Search Indexing and shows you how to change it.

    Which SearchFilterHost service runs on Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows? It is a useful executable file developed by Microsoft for the Windows operating system only, which the system supports in the Windows search functions. It can be one of the many programs that are activated by a Windows scan. Each time a user scans an item on their human computer using Windows, searchfilterhost.exe creates a record of all returned drives to speed up the search process in addition to quickly displaying research results. Sometimes this service may require high (100%) CPU usage onyour desktop or laptop computer and prevent newer programs from running normally. This tutorial explains the concepts and tips of the SearchFilterHost file / service, as well as troubleshooting methods to help you get there.

    SearchFilterHost.exe ERROR

    Is Searchfilterhost a virus?

    searchfilterhost.exe is a legitimate process file also known as Microsoft Windows Search Filter Host. Malware programmers create files with sufficient reason for malicious content and call them searchfilterhost.exe to spread the virus to any internet.

    If you want to discover this service, you can see the SearchFilterHost.exe process executing the Last Manager task. Browsing this service consumes a lot of system resources such as CPU. Should we remove this service? Or is it a virus? Read the answers to your questions.

    SerachFilterHost.exe is indeed a native Windows service and this tool should not be disabled as its involvement can significantly slow down your system. Use other files related to serachfilterhost.exe as system resources are SearchProtocolHost. exe and SearchIndexer.exe.

    Viruses are usually in the form of .exe files and are the most common file types that can be damaged or replaced by viruses, spyware, and adware. These infected files or viruses can then spread electronicallyE-mail and junk e-mail files, and when these EXE documents are executed or executed, they damage many associated programs and systems.

    Mainly due to errors related to serachfilterhost.Occur exe on Windows startup or when launching a specific program. Common errors include “SearchFilterHost.exe Application Error.” “SearchFilterHost.exe not found.” , “SearchFilterHost.exe could not be started.

    Causes Of Search Filter Host Errors On 10, 8.1 Computers

    Problems with Serachfilterhost can mainly be caused by virus or malware. Other reasons associated with these obstacles are

    • Corruption to the search filter host, Windows file system, or virus-driven applications.
    • Incomplete installation of most Windows operating systems.
    • In Windows – the keys associated with registration, as well as the Windows operating system or serachfilterhost.exe have been seriously damaged.
    • Another application conflicts with the Windows operating system in question.

    SerchFilterHost Troubleshooting Steps

    Every problem arisesRunning into serachfilterhost.File exe can lead to an unprecedented increase in CPU usage. There are many ways to fix this problem, depending on the severity and cause of the problem. There is no specific solution to this prompt problem, but you can try our own methods below to resolve conflicts related to searchfilterhost.exe or higher processor using Windows 10 or 8.1.

    1. Rebuild The Index

    Since the search filter for indexing files has been removed, the best way to fix this problem is to open most of the control panel and look for the list options. Click Advanced. In the next window, under Troubleshoot, click Create New to delete our old index and restore the list.

    2. Change The Index

    I would say that you can change the way Windows indexes normally. You have the ability to add or remove files from the index list. XML file extension is an extension that uses file extensions that consume a lot of resources. Follow the procedure below To change the indexing settings.

    You can enable “Show all locations” if not all owners are visible in the start window. In a window that displays all of these locations, you can simply click on the selected drives, folders, subfolders, or just files.

    3. Recover Registry Entries

    How do I fix Windows Search filter host?

    Press Win + I to open the Windows Settings app.Go to Search> Windows Search.Scroll down the list of marketing emails and click the Run Indexer Troubleshooter link to troubleshoot possible search issues.

    As mentioned earlier, searchfilterhost.exe errors can be caused by errors in the Windows registry entries. Many programs on the system can share the searchfilterhost.exe file. Therefore, uninstalling one or more programs from your PC should definitely result in invalid or lost entries in Windows registry entries, and therefore it is important to fix the following entries to resolve searchfilterhost.exe error awareness issues.


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    There are ways to restore registry windows. You can do it manually or use a third party recovery tool. If you choose to do it manually (which is not supported at all), even a slight careless tweak to the registry file can make the Windows operating system unstable. Therefore, it is qShould only be done by a Microsoft Certified Professional.

    However, most people want to fix the registry key, your company should always make a backup associated with searchfilterhost.Registry exe keys by following the best instructions.

    Press Win + R and type regedit in the RUN window to open a specific registry editor. The next step is to make sure you have the selected SearchFilterHost.exe-related key when exporting to save the registry key in the specified location.

    How do I get rid of Searchfilterhost exe?

    You can disable the program by opening the services file (Click Start, Run, type services.msc, but also click OK), changing the actual startup type of the Windows Search service from automatic to manual, and then clicking Stop Service …

    There are many third-party tools and software available on the Internet to help you troubleshoot errors related to Windows registry policies. Most of these tools are suitable for automatically backing up your computer’s Windows registry keys. These registry cleaning tools find invalid registry entries, broken links in the registry only and

    error searchfilterhost.exe

    Fix and save missing file links and improve the speed of the Windows operating system and the overall performance of your PC.

    4. Malware Analysis

    searchfilterhost.exe can be caused by an infection A virus directly on the PC. An attacker could replace, delete, or damage any searchfilterhost.exe or related files. The best way to remove malware besides viruses is to scan the official computer with effective antivirus software.

    5. Windows Update

    Microsoft continually releases updates to fix inconsistencies in earlier versions and improve Windows Whole Body Files. Most bugs are automatically removed after updating Windows with the latest patch.

    For publishing to Windows, you can type Windows update type in the search box and then click the Check for Updates button.

    6. Run Windows Built-in File Checker

    The Windows operating system creates a built-in System Check utility that not only checks for dubious system files, but also repairs them.

    You really need to open a command prompt to run the utility. Open Start> type win + r> cmd> type “sfc / scannow” and press ENTER.

    7. Reinstall Windows

    If searchfilterhost.exe is stillit becomes out of date on the system due to CPU usage, the last step is to reinstall Windows 10 or otherwise OS 8.1.

    “Note. Be sure to back up any important files before installing a copy of the Windows operating system. ”

    Conclusion On What Is Searchfilterhost.exe And How To Fix Higher CPU Usage By A Program In Windows 10, 8.1?

    error searchfilterhost.exe

    The latest supposed version of searchfilterhost.exe is actually 7.0.10240.16384 (as of March 2017) and is completely safe. This file is required for Performance Finder to function properly. Manual save when damaged can be costly, but hosting solutions with search filters should not be disabled. We hope this guide can help you understand and resolve any issues related to this Windows service.

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