Java Me Error Checking Method Easy Fix

Sometimes your computer may return an error code that indicates the Java Me error checking method. There can be many reasons for this problem.


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    java me error verifying method

    I have struggled to find the source of every fatal error message my application keeps getting:

      Exception on thread "main" java.lang.VerifyError: Inconsistent stack map frames in Branch Ambition 65 

    I’ve tried a lot of things already, including: deleting all class images and recreating a copy, investing the whole project in a new project, investing my version of Eclipse (Kepler to Luna) and changing the ad code with line number – message idea about error. Nothing actually worked and I am fluent in the editor because other Java projects are going well. I would really appreciate it if you could give me a way to deal with this.

    You can find my code here. The error has something to do with part of the class, but to be honest, I know exactly what it is. Laying down the trail of the error message:

      at ca.ajweeks.igmc2014.level.Level.  ( ca.ajweeks.igmc2014.state.GameState.init ( ca.ajweeks.igmc2014.state.StateManager.init ( ca.ajweeks.igmc2014.state.StateManager.  ( ca.ajweeks.igmc2014.Game.  ( ca.ajweeks.igmc2014.Game.main ( 

    EDIT: source, link The one with the error appears to have been a boring try-with-resources statement in the readFile method of the Chunk class. I’m not sure if there could be a bug in the current Java product that caused the problem, or something related to this particular program. Thanks for your help !

    published about 12 years ago

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    java me error verifying method

    When I run my j2me finance application in Eclipse I get the following stack of runtime errors. Can the public tell me why? occurs when middlelets are usually loaded into the application. that this emulator will shutdown at this point. I have scheduled a file and a JAR file that contains the manifest. Then use Jad submission to the runtime app. However, all midlets will work if they are included in Wireless ToolKit 2.5.2, and will work in Wireless ToolKit 2.5.2.

    MediaMIDlet error checking method startApp () V
    Estimated bytecode offset 3: inconsistent or sometimes missing stack map in target method
    ……. ..: 10233084 ‘com / sun / midp / midlet / MIDletState.createMIDlet (static) ‘
    Stack block …….:22700ac
    Frame Pointer …..: 2270104
    Current IP ……..: 1033a48b = 1033a46e + offset 29
    previous frame ….: 22700cc
    previous IP. ……: 103ce331 (offset 22)
    frame size ……..: 7 (1 Discussion, Local 6 variables)
    Argument [0] …….: 22709fc
    Local [1] ……….: 0
    Local [2] .. ……..: 23eb59c
    Local [3] …. …..: 228064c
    Local [4] … …….: 23eb5b0
    Local [5] ……….: 10274b20
    Local [ 6] ……….: 23eb57c
    Operand [1] ….. …: 246f80c

    Method …………: 10295954 ‘com / sun / midp / midlet / (virtual)’
    Stack Chunk …….: 22700ac
    Frame Pointer …..: 22700cc
    Current IP ……..: 103ce331 matches 103ce31b + offset 22
    Previous frame ….: 0
    Previous IP …. ..: 1
    frame size …….. 6: (1 argument, 5 main variables)
    argument [0] …….: 2270ba4
    local [1] ……….: 2280728
    Local [2] ……….: 22709fc
    Local [3] ……….: 0
    Local [4] ……….: 0
    Local [5] ……….: 0
    Operand [1] … .. …: 2280728

    VM command status:
    pointer. : 1033a48b (call shift associated with method: 29)
    next command ….: 0x4c
    frame pointer …….: 2270104
    local pointer ….. ..: 22700e8
    stack size ………: 128; sp: 227011c; ranges: 22700b4-22702b4;
    Content of the current location frame:
    22700e8: 22709fc (lp)
    22700ec: 0
    22700f0: 23eb59c
    22700f4: 228064c
    22700f8: 23eb5b0
    22700fc: 10274b20
    2270100: 23eb57c
    2270104: 22700cc (fp)
    2270108: 103ce331
    227010c: 22700e4
    2270110: 2270114: 10233084
    2270118: 0 (frame-relative)
    227011c: 246f80c (sp)
    execution stack contains 108 elements:
    ALERT: java / lang / VerifyError: MediaMIDlet.
    0 to 0 to 1 to 0 to 1 to 23eb580 to 10295954 to 22700ac to 7 to 2280728 to 22709fc to 8
    228064c – 23eb5b0 – 10274b20 – 23eb57c – 22700cc – – 103ce331 22700e4 – 10233084 – 22700ac – 0 – 246f80c

    Execution completed.
    Completed 3558357 bytecodes
    144 thread switches
    1669 classes in the system (including engine classes)
    18695 dynamic objects fetched (561732 bytes)
    3 garbage collectors (484200.) collected bytes) Execution completed.
    3558357 bytecodes executed
    one hundred forty-four thread changes
    1669 during system trainings (including system classes)
    18695 allocated animated objects (561732 bytes)
    three positive retrieval (Collected 484200 byte)
    WARNING: java / lang / VerifyError: MediaMIDlet.

    large public void startApp ()
    If ((playerGUI! = null) && restartOnResume)
    playerGUI.playSound ();


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  • Step 1: Download and install the software
  • Step 2: Open it and click on the "Restore" button
  • Step 3: Select the backup you want to restore from and follow the instructions

  • restartOnResume = false;

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    Método De Verificación De Errores De Java Me
    Metoda Weryfikacji Błędów Java Me
    Método De Verificação De Erros Java Me
    Méthode De Vérification D’erreur Java Me
    Metodo Di Verifica Degli Errori Java Me
    Java Me-fel Vid Verifieringsmetod
    Java Me 오류 확인 방법
    Java Me-foutverificatiemethode
    Метод проверки ошибок Java Me

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