How To Fix Winamp Freeze


  • Step 1: Download and install the software
  • Step 2: Open it and click on the "Restore" button
  • Step 3: Select the backup you want to restore from and follow the instructions
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    This user manual is written to help you when Winamp Freeze error occurs.

    Are you facing such a weird problem that Winamp freezes for a few minutes before moving on to the next track?

    It doesn’t crash, you don’t need to restart it, but during this temporary random freeze, there is little that can be changed – volume, pause, shutdown … absolutely nothing, just wait for the response as out of habit.

    Looks like Winamp continues to use it even when closed, as if it were open! The editor function can be the source of the annoying blocking described above.

    ΟOpen settings, winamp go to the playlist area and disable any option: the mouse wheel scrolls twice as many lines as described. This is the language that worked for me.

    Î ™ If this doesn’t solve the crisis, you are indeed using win7shell; You will need to uninstall this plugin or disable any of its options, such as remembering recently posted files, playlists, recent data, etc.

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    winamp freezes

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    winamp freezes

    Suddenly Winamp crashes every time I try to play most MP3 files.

    Windows 9 Ultimate 64-bit
    i5 2500k
    16 GB RAM
    Winamp 5666

    The installation of the operating system is about two months old, so it’s fairly recent. I am using Winamp with no plugins added and it has worked without any problem to get me to this new install so far (and also for 20 years now).


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    Winamp was working fine yesterday when I shut down my nearest computer overnight, but when I boot today when I try to play their MP3 files the search bar stops moving and when I press l ‘UI after I do it I start play mp3 the cursor does the intended animation and when I click on each other again it crashes.

    So far, a simple mp3 in my little playlist that doesn’t cause this glitch is actually meant for the Secret of Mana soundtrack – and it plays naturally , but everything else freezes.

    The only thing I did great yesterday on my PC was installing virtual desktops on Windows 7:…icrosoft-tool/

    And I was passing 2 instances between multiple virtual desktops at the same time. I’m not sure if this motivated Winamp, but I followed the uninstall pointing to the program and reinstalled it, but the same problem still persists with this new Winamp installation.

    The problem persists even after restarting my computer without starting Personal Computer Enabler.

    Problem with voices like the one described here:

    When I uninstalled Winamp, I decided to keep my custom settings. I’ll try uninstalling again without leaving this, clean install:….d=161361#clean


    The installation of the operating system will take about 2 months, so it will be relatively recent. I am using Winamp with no plugins added and so far it has worked fine for me on this molodo installation (and also for 16 years).

    Yesterday Winamp worked fine for when I shut down my computer overnight, but when I restart it today the search barmaid doesn’t move every time I watch an MP3 play, and every time I have one. Look at the launched UI after that to play the mp3, the cursor is actually its thinking animation and when I click on it again it crashes.

    So, Miles, the only MP3 in my not-so-good playlist that hasn’t gotten that much burnout is the MP3 for the Secret Mana soundtrack – and this other plays fine, but there’s all the competition behind it.

    Yesterday, the only unusual thing I did on my PC was installing personal computers under Windows 7:…I icrosoft-tool /

    and it turned out that 2 instances related to winamp are running on multiple virtual desktops at the same time. I’m not sure if this might enable Winamp, but I uninstalled the program when reinstalling it and the same problem persists on a fresh install of Winamp.

    The problem is alsopersists if you start a specific computer and do not activate all virtual desktops. Problem

    what I have is similar to the one mentioned here:

    When I uninstalled Winamp I thought about keeping my custom settings. I will try to uninstall again, and this does not mean saving, but saving the installation:….d=161361#clean

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